Project Overview


Our project aims to provide holistic psychosocial counselling and legal support to youths aged under 25, and who have been arrested as a result of their alleged involvement in the Anti-Extradition Bill movement.


Participants could enroll for free – all expenditure and expenses are covered by our extensive network of donors and supporters.


Both the youths and their family members could sign up voluntarily. Many arrested youths are faced with an arduous and extended judiciary process ahead of them; given the immense stress, anxieties, and emotional turmoil, it is our imperative to ensure that their mental health is appropriately and adequately taken care of – lest these symptoms develop into irrevocable harms.


 Our project also aims to provide supportive family-centred therapy, with the emphasis upon ameliorating tense family relations and increasing parental support for the youths, so as to empower their families in playing a greater and more positive role in the developments of these youths. Family members could only participate with the consent of all relevant parties – including, of course, the youths.


As such, our project has been ardently providing politically neutral and non-partisan therapy and support to those undergoing the judiciary process. Regardless of where you stand politically or ideologically, we hope you’d agree that the wellbeing of our future generations ought to be our priority.

Our cross-disciplinary, professional team (comprising professionals from the fields of therapy, psychiatry, social work, mediation, and legal services) will be supervising, designing, and implementing this project.