Counselling Services

Project Change will provide counselling services for a duration of 1-2 years, and each year will consist of 50 one-hour counselling sessions.
Our counselling services include individual counselling, e- learning, and action learning projects.


Individual Counselling
This option takes place in-person and over the internet. Social workers, psychologists or psychiatrists will provide tailored counselling services that address specifically the roster of issues affecting these youths who have participated in large-scale protests. The counselling aims at assisting the youths and their carers to acquire the necessary developmental competences addressing challenges arising from the societal unrest.


Family counselling
A family-centered approach is particularly appropriate to young people who are at a developmental stage by which they need family’s support in tackling life challenges.


Social Network Counselling and Group Counselling
The counseling will prepare the arrested youths to critically examine the role of social support network in shaping their growth and development and to acquire the knowledge and skills to expand their social network for creating more possibility for facing future life challenges.