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“Project Change” was initiated by a group of professionals and scholars from the fields of social work, psychology, psychiatry and law. It is financially and operationally independent of all other entities, including the government. We endeavour to provide comprehensive psychosocial counselling services to arrested youths, and assist them in accessing the most appropriate treatment under the judicial process, such that they could reintegrate into society as functional citizens.


We need the support of each and every one of you. Every dollar you donate goes towards our future generation and our city’s future.


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Budget and Funding


As this project is financially independent of the government, we would greatly appreciate any and all donations towards our cause.


Since June 2019, over 10,000 individuals have been arrested for their alleged involvement with the Anti-Extradition Bill Movement, with 60% of them aged under 25, totalling 6,400 individuals. Amongst them, around 1,000 are facing trial, and around 4,000 are awaiting investigation with the possibility of being prosecuted. In other words, about 5,000 youths are facing a long legal process. Our Project endeavours to cater to these 5,000 youths aged 25 or below.


Our Project has achieved excellent results since its establishment in June 2020: We have already offered intensive counselling to 150 persons, including arrested youths and their family members. With our support, many arrested youths, including those charged with rioting, have re-ignited hope in their future; mended relations with their families, and rebuilt their career planning.


We plan to raise funds for another 100 arrested youths in 2021 (January to December). The estimated cost to provide services for each participant is approximately HK$25,000 per year, and most of the funds will be used for direct counselling services to the arrested youth and their parents/guardians. Of the projected $2.5 million required for 100 additional cases in 2021, we still need $1 million to reach our goal.


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Support Us


If you need further inquiries about donations, please contact:


Manager, Project Change

電話:+852 9689 1439

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Prof. Yun Wing Sung- Associate Director, Project Change

Contact no.: +852 9469 7619

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Making donations


1. Deposit to bank account Bank of China (Hong Kong) account: 012-885-2-022735-9

Please email a copy of the deposit slip to the email address ofProf. Yun Wing Sung or our manager after filling out the electronic donation form (please refer to the contact information above).


2. Crossed cheque Please fill out the electronic donation form, make a cheque payable to Citizen Action Design Limited」,letter attend to 「Citizen Action Design Limited」room 1208,and send the crossed cheque to us(Address: Room 1208, 133 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon).